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The Department of the Town Clerk consists of Town Clerk Sherry Corvin, Deputy Clerk Brandi Jones, Deputy Clerk Kristi Jackson and Deputy Clerk Donna Stroupe. This Department is responsible for providing staff support to the Mayor, the Town Council, the Town Manager, the Assistant Town Manager, the Director of Public Safety, the Director of Engineering, the Building Official and the Director of Public Works. The Department of the Town Clerk prepares meeting agendas and packages, and records the minutes, for the meetings of the Town Council, the Planning Commission, the Wytheville Industrial Development Authority, the Town Safety Committee, the Board of Zoning Appeals, the Building Code Appeals Board and the Tree Advisory Committee. This Department also handles all submittals for rezonings, subdivisions, special exception permits and variances, as well as writes a majority of the building permits. The Department stores and logs all agreements, deeds and other official documents of the Town. The Department of the Town Clerk drafts ordinances, proclamations and resolutions. The staff stands ready to answer any questions regarding the Town Code, the Zoning Ordinance and various other Town rules and regulations. The Department also handles the scheduling of safety training for the Town employees to ensure compliance with various regulatory agencies. Staff works closely with the New River Regional Water Authority and assists with document retention and various functions of the Authority. The Staff of the Department of the Town Clerk has a combined total of nearly 80 years of experience serving the citizens of the Town of Wytheville.