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The Office of Public Works is responsible for:

Solid Waste Collection Refuse Collection Map | Refuse Collection Schedule
  • The Town of Wytheville collects refuse from residential dwellings and small businesses once a week from the curb of each resident/business if they utilize the Town's annual decal program. Trash containers must be placed adjacent to the street or sidewalk by 7:00 A.M. on the day of collection. The containers must be removed on the same day after collection. In no instance are containers to be placed so as to interfere with the flow of traffic or pedestrians. Materials that are prohibited from being placed out for collection include, but are not limited to, large rocks, tree trunks, tree stumps, tree limbs, excess bulky material, waste from building materials and heavy objects. In addition, the Town cannot collect yard waste such as grass clippings or debris from tree and shrub trimmings during regular collection. For complete regulations, please visit Chapter 12 of the Town's Code on the Web.
Solid Waste Disposal
  • The Wytheville Landfill was closed on October 8, 1993. Trash collected by the Town of Wytheville is now taken to a transfer station operated by the Wythe/Bland Joint Public Service Authority. The Town is charged a tipping fee of $52.00 per ton for solid waste.
Brush Collection
Brush Collection Guidelines | Brush Disposal Regulations | Brush Collection Schedule
  • The Town will conduct bi-monthly curbside brush collection for the residents of the Town, which will be at no cost to the residents. These collections will be made the last week of each month between April and September and thereafter revert back to the bi-monthly schedule, January, March, April, May, June, July, August, September, and November. All curbside brush regulations will still be applicable.
Mowing Regulations
  • The Town of Wytheville reminds property owners of the requirement to cut grass, weeds, vegetation or other foreign growth up to 100 feet from their structures at least three (3) times per year—once before May 15th, once before July 15th, and once before September 15th, and whenever it reaches a height of twelve (12) inches. Grass, weeds, vegetation or other foreign growth over 100 feet from structures and undeveloped lots shall be mowed twice per year—once before May 15th and once before August 15th. Property in A-1 Agriculture Zones, not within 100 feet of structure(s), shall be mowed once between May 15th and September 15th. Property not mowed appropriately shall be mowed by Town personnel after reasonable notice has been given, and, within 15 days, the Town will mow the property, and the costs will be charged, assessed and collected from the owners in the manner of taxes and levies at a rate prescribed by the Town Council.
  • The Town would like to remind citizens that it is unlawful to dispose of grass, etc. onto the sidewalks and streets of the town.
  • Citizens can decrease the cost of solid waste disposal by recycling glass, plastic, mixed metals, cardboard, newspapers and magazines. The Town's Recycling Center is located at 1025 South 3rd Street beside the Town Shop. The Recycling Center is open 24 hours per day; however, an attendant is on duty Monday - Saturday from 10:00 a.m. to 2:00 p.m. Items that are accepted at the Recycling Center are:
  • Glass - brown, green and blue, clear accepted in separate container
  • Plastic - Numbers 1, 2, 5 and 7. Also No. 4 and other plastics including bags in separate container
  • Metals - Steel and aluminum cans
  • Newspapers, magazines, catalogs, etc.
  • Cardboard - corrugated, cereal boxes, pop/beer boxes, pizza boxes
Leaf Collection Program
  • Each fall, the Wytheville Public Works Department collects leaves from the curbside. Citizens are asked to rake leaves into a pile near the curb or edge of street for collection.
Signs and Signals
  • The Public Works Department is responsible for all street name signs, road signs, and traffic signals.
Snow Removal
  • Wytheville gives priority and emphasis to clearing the main arterial streets and then the collector and local streets. The Town has an emergency snow route plan in the event that Interstates 77 or 81 are closed due to an accident. Parking spaces in the downtown area are cleared as soon as possible and access roads to school parking lots are cleared to allow early dismissals. All employees of the Public Works Department are available twenty-four hours a day for snow removal. During snow storms, the Public Works Department works twenty-four hours a day to keep the main arteries clear within the corporate limits. Lesser connector roads are cleared after the main arteries are sufficiently maintained.
Street Construction
  • The Town has operated an on-going street improvement schedule with construction projects recommended by the Town's Public Works Committee on an annual basis. The Committee consists of two members from the Town Council who make recommendations to the Town Council. A standard set of procedures is used each year in determining those projects that will be recommended for construction.
Street Maintenance
  • The Public Works Department is responsible for general street maintenance, including ditches, shoulders, potholes, utility cut repairs, lawn mowing, tree trimming and street sweeping.
  • Cemetery crews maintain the East End Cemetery, West End Cemetery, Oakwood Cemetery, and the West End Memorial Mausoleum.
  • The horticulture department plants and maintains all flowers, trees and shrubs on Town property and rights of way in the Town of Wytheville.