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Wastewater Treatment Plant

The Town’s Wastewater Treatment Plant is located at 852 Atkins Mill Road. The facility is a Class 2 plant designed to treat 4.0 Million Gallon per day (MGD) of Municipal and Industrial Wastes, with an average daily flow of 2.0 MGD. The Plant is an activated sludge process that utilizes various technologies to treat wastewater so it can be released back into Reed Creek. These technologies include numerous settlement basins, designed to separate solids from the liquid and remove them for further treatment or disposal. Defused air basins designed to inject dissolved oxygen into the waste stream and kick start the biological treatment process. After the liquid is treated to our standards it is exposed to Chlorine for disinfection, and then exposed to Sulfur Dioxide before being released into Reed Creek. The Sulfur Dioxide neutralizes the Chlorine in order to protect aquatic life that exists in the stream. As for the solids that have been removed in the upstream processes, they are pumped to Anaerobic Digesters where they go through a treatment process before disposal to a landfill.

Plant Superintendent – Bobby Anders

Water Treatment Plant

The Town’s Water Treatment Plant is located at 1025 Grayson Road. This facility has provided safe drinking water for the citizens of Wytheville and the surrounding area since 1950. The Plant’s water source is Reed Creek and has the capability of producing up to 4 million gallons of drinking water per day. The facility uses a conventional treatment process which includes pre and post chlorination, coagulation, flocculation, sedimentation and filtration. The Plant has a certified on site laboratory to perform water quality analysis to ensure safe drinking water and efficiency of Plant operations. The Wytheville Water Treatment Plant has received the Virginia Department of Health Excellence in Granular Media Water Treatment Plant Performance Gold Award every year since 2008.

Plant Superintendent – Bret Cockram

Water & Sewer Maintenance and Construction Department

The Town maintains approximately 108 miles of water mains, approximately 87 miles of sewer mains and serves over 4000 water customers. The Water & Sewer Maintenance and Construction Department is responsible for maintenance, repair and installation of water and sewer lines for the Town. They maintain the Town’s meter reading system, work with Town water customers to determine possible leaks on water services and turn off water services due to nonpayment. The Department is responsible for Miss Utility locates for the Town’s water and sewer utilities. They work closely with the Town Engineering Department to provide updated information for the Town’s GIS system. The Water & Sewer Maintenance and Construction Department is on call 24/7, 365 days a year to respond to any after hour water and sewer emergencies.

Department Supervisor – Todd Sharitz