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Mowing Notice:

Posted on 14th Jul 2020 11:52:37 in Town Office All

The Town of Wytheville reminds property owners of the requirement to cut grass, weeds, vegetation or other foreign growth up to 100 feet from their structures at least three (3) times per year—once before May 15th, once before July 15th, and once before September 15th, and whenever it reaches a height of twelve (12) inches. Grass, weeds, vegetation or other foreign growth over 100 feet from structures and undeveloped lots shall be mowed twice per year—once before May 15th and once before September 15th. Property in A-1 Agriculture Zones, not within 100 feet of structure(s), shall be mowed once between May 15th and September 15th. Property not mowed appropriately shall be mowed by Town personnel after reasonable notice has been given, and, within 15 days, the Town will mow the property, and the costs will be charged, assessed and collected from the owners in the manner of taxes and levies at a rate prescribed by the Town Council.

The Town would like to remind citizens that it is unlawful to dispose of grass, etc. onto the sidewalks and streets of the town.