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The Office of Town Engineer is responsible for coordinating many projects in the Town limits, as well as some projects outside the Town limits.

  • Design and coordination of Town construction projects
  • Performing survey work needed for the Town
  • Supervising mapping and GIS system development
  • Administration of storm water and erosion regulations
  • Assists in administration of zoning and subdivision regulations
  • Compiles construction cost estimates
  • Maintaining house numbering system for 911
  • Maintaining a record of water loss for the Town
  • Supervise the production and maintenance of the Water and Wastewater Treatment Plants
  • Planning and administration of utility maintenance and construction
  • Coordination of projects which receive maintenance funds from other entities, ie. VDOT

Current Projects

  • West Main Street Curb and Gutter Replacement
  • Methane Recovery Project
  • GIS Upgrade Project - Town of Wytheville
  • Landfill Groundwater Monitoring
  • E. Main Street Entrance Corridor Improvements
  • Downtown Improvements

Public GIS Site

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