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All new businesses must see the Town of Wytheville Building Official which will verify zoning and building safety codes and issue a certificate of occupancy. Once a certificate of occupancy is issued, below is additional information concerning Business Licensing processing, including links to forms and other required information and documentation.

Business License

All businesses operating in the Town of Wytheville are required to obtain (and display) a current annual Business License. All licenses are issued by calendar year and expire on December 31st each year. No business license of any type will be issued by the Town if the business has any type of delinquent revenues (Personal property taxes, lodging tax and meals due to the Town of Wytheville.

New businesses can obtain a Business License by completing and faxing the Business License application.

Retail and Annual occupational tax fees are based on gross receipts of the business.

Initial fees are generally based on estimated gross receipts; then subsequent renewals are based on prior year gross receipts of the business. Additional information may be required prior to issuing the certificate for the business. Examples include state licenses, health department approval, professional licenses, etc.

Once all paperwork is submitted, approved and all appropriate fees paid, the Business License will be issued by the Town of Wytheville. Appropriate fees include any revenues owed to the Town of Wytheville. Business Licenses will not be issued to any business or business owner who owes delinquent revenues of any type to the Town of Wytheville.

Business Name or Location Changes

The Town of Wytheville is to be notified of all business name and location changes, as well as transfers of ownership. It is the Owner's responsibility to keep all address changes up-to-date with the Town. Otherwise, renewal packets may not reach the right address.

Business License Renewals

Business License renewals are due by March 1st each year, with notices automatically mailed by the Town of Wytheville the second week in January. The renewals reminders are mailed to the mailing address on file, as provided by the business. The reminders provide the internet address for the renewal information which must be completed and submitted for renewal. Fees are based on prior year gross receipts of the business. A penalty of 10%, is applied if license is not renewed by the due date; postmarks are accepted by the Town of Wytheville. No penalties will be waived.