Page 9 - Town of Wytheville Parks & Recreation Winterl 2018 Brochure
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                                           Senior Trip        Bake up your favorite homemade pie recipe and bring it
                                                              to the Community Center for our pie bake-off! Please bring
                                                              in your pie, along with the recipe, and enter them into
                                                              the contest to be judged by the Community Center staff.
                                                              Prizes will be awarded to 1st and 2nd place. Please note,
                                                              you must enter a pie to participate!
                                                              Session I: Thursday, February 15
                                                              Session II: Thursday, March 15
                                                              Time: 1:00 p.m.
                                                              Fee: Free                                            BE ACTIVE WYTHE
                                                              Location: Multipurpose Room 3
                                                              Eligibility: ages 13+
                                                              Register 2 weeks prior to each session

                                                              ADULT CRAFT NIGHT- MOSAIC LETTER
                                                              Need some decoration for your home? Come to the
                                                              Community Center and decorate a beautiful mosaic
                                                              wood letter! All supplies are included!
                                                              Monday, February 12
                                                              Time: 5:30 p.m.
                                                              Fee: $20 TR; $25 NRPP; $30 NR
                                    FEE ABBREVIATIONS         Location: Multipurpose Room 1
                                                              Eligibility: ages 18+
                                    TR – Town Resident        Min 4 – Max 12
                                                              Register by January 29
                                    NRPP – Non Resident with
                                    a Gold or Silver Pass Plan  Late Fee: additional $5
                                    NR – Non Resident
                                    OL – Open Leisure - must   ADULT CRAFT NIGHT- SHABBY CHIC EASTER
                                    have a pass plan or       EGGS
                                    purchase a day pass
                                                              Need some decoration for your Easter Basket this
                                    FREE – open to the public
                                                              Spring? Join us as we make beautiful Easter Eggs that
                                                              will look beautiful in your home!
        Fee: OL
        Location: Teen Center                                Monday, March 12
        Eligibility: ages 50+                                Time: 5:30 p.m.
        No registration required                             Fee: $5 TR; $10 NRPP; $15 NR
                                                             Location: Multipurpose Room 1
        ADULT TENNIS LESSONS                                 Eligibility: ages 18+                               ADULT & SENIOR LEISURE
        The Town of Wytheville Parks and Recreation is pleased   Min 4 – Max 12
        to offer a fun and exciting tennis series. This series is   Register by March 5
        for adults, ages 18 and older, with little to no playing   Late Fee: additional $5
        experience and intermediate players. This program offers
        participants a way to learn about the historic game of   BADMINTON
        tennis in a fun and friendly environment. Each session will
        help you gain knowledge about the sport but, also, teach   Come out and play badminton with your friends, all
        you the fundamental skills such as forehand, backhand,   while exercising!
        serve, volley and scorekeeping with an experienced   Day: Tuesday and Thursday
        coach. If you do not have a racquet that is no problem, we   Time: 9:30-11:30 a.m.
        have several that you can use!  In the case of inclement   Fee: $5 TR; $ 10 NRPP; $15 NR
        weather during one of our sessions, we will reschedule the   Location: Gymnasium
        date. So, come out and join the fun!                 Eligibility: all ages
        March 20 - April 10                                  Min 6- Max 20
        Day: Tuesday                                         Register by the first of the month per session
        Time: 7:00 - 8:00 p.m.                               Late Fee: additional $5
        Fee: $30 TR; $35 NRPP; $40 NR                        If there are less than 8 participants registered per
        Location: Wytheville Community College Tennis Courts  month, then play will go to one court.
        Eligibility: ages 18+                                Town Residents may register at any time. Non-Resident
        Min 3 - Max 6                                        registrations will be accepted after the 15th of each
        Register 2 weeks prior to session                    month for the following month. All registrations must be
                                                             complete by one week prior to the start of the month.

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