Page 6 - Town of Wytheville Parks & Recreation Winterl 2018 Brochure
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                   There will be two leagues: Men and Women. The season
                   will open in early June.
                   Fee: $145 per team
                   Additional per person on roster: $5 NRPP; $10 NR
                   Eligibility: ages 18+ as of September 30, 2017, and out
                   of high school
                   Min 4 – Max 12 teams
                   Register by April 30
                   Late Fee: additional $5                                GYM RULES AND REGULATIONS

                                                                          •  Only non-marking tennis shoes may be
                   CHURCH SOFTBALL LEAGUE                                   worn in the gymnasium. Appropriate
                   The league is open to men and women. The season will     shirts must be worn.
                   begin in May.
                   Games will be played on Sunday afternoons at WCC       •  No drinks or food will be allowed in the
                   Fields. Players must attend the Church you are playing   gym.
                   with. There will be an end of season round robin
                   tournament to finish up the season.                    •  Chewing gum is prohibited in the gym.
                   Fee: $160 per team with shirts; $40 per team without shirts
                   Eligibility: ages 16+ as of September 30, 2017         •  Threatening or indecent conduct is
                   Limit 20-person roster                                   prohibited.
                   No umpires or trophies
                   Min 4 – Max 12 teams                                   •  Abusive, profane, threatening or
                   Register by April 16                                     indecent language is strictly prohibited.
                   Late Fee: additional $5
                                                                          •  Rim hanging and net climbing will not
                   ADULT MEN’S 3 ON 3 BASKETBALL LEAGUE                     be permitted.
                   The season will open in early March. Min 3 – Max 8     •  Alcoholic beverages, drugs or any
                   players per team.
                   Fee: $180 per team                                       person under the influence of alcohol
                   Additional per person on roster: $5 NRPP; $10 NR         or drugs will not be permitted on the
                   Eligibility: ages 18+ as of September 30, 2017, and out   premises.
                   of high school
                   Min 4 – Max 12 teams                                   •  No skateboards, roller skates, in-line
                   Register by February 19                                  skates or skate shoes will be allowed in
                   Late Fee: additional $5                                  the gym.

                                                                          •  During busy times, only half court
                   WYTHEVILLE SPRING BASKETBALL                             games will be allowed. Games are to
                                                                            15 by 1’s. Winning team can only stay
                   CLASSIC                                                  on the court 2 games, if players are
                   Think you have what it takes to be a champion? You       waiting.
                   will not want to miss the first annual Wytheville Spring
                   Basketball Classic! This tournament will be 5 on 5 and   •  Fighting is strictly prohibited.
                   double elimination. Every participant will receive a t-shirt!
                   Saturday, April 28                                     •  All basketballs must be left in the gym
                   Time: Games start at 8:00 a.m.                           and returned to rack when finished
                   Eligibility: Must be 18 or older to participate          using.
                   Location: Gymnasium
                   Fee: $200 per team (limit 8 players per team)          All scheduled programs and leagues will
                   Min 6 teams- Max 12 teams                              be honored. All other times not scheduled
                   Register by April 14                                   will be for open gym. Please see monthly
                   Late Fee: additional $5

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