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Whether it’s to lose weight, tone up,
                                                                                    get in shape or recover after years of
    PERSONAL                                                                        inactivity, let our personal trainers

                                                                                    help design a safe, enjoyable exercise
                                                                                   routine specific to your goals.

           60-MINUTE SESSION

                  1 Session – $35
                  5 Sessions – $165
                  ($33/Session)                                                       BUDDY TRAINING
                  10 Sessions – $300
                  ($30/Session)                                                            2 Participants: $45 ($22.50 Per Person)

                                                                                              3 Participants: $55 ($18.33 Per Person)
                                                                                              4 Participants: $65 ($16.25 Per Person)

     personal training programs

             HIIT THE NEW YEAR                 GOLF PERFORMANCE TRAINING          Test yourself in ways you never thought
             6 Week High Intensity Interval Training  Whether you’re a first time golfer or a   you would! Each Spartan Race Prep
                                                                                  Workshop will include tips and tricks
             We get it. Private personal training is   seasoned veteran, come work along   on how to make it through all of the
             not for everyone. If you are not sure   with Certified Personal Trainer and Golf   obstacles, including the mental challenge
             about the one-on-one aspect of working   Conditioning Specialist Thelma Surber   of the race itself. Throughout the
             with a personal trainer, but want more   as she takes you through proper swing   workshop series, we will go through the
             structure for your workouts, small group   and stance technique, flexibility, strength   obstacles to learn training techniques that
             training might be the perfect option. High   training, balance and core training all to   will help you conquer them all with little to
             intensity interval training (HIIT) is a total   help improve your overall golf game.   no burpees. We will also cover nutrition
             body workout that pushes you to be your   February 6 – March 13      on the course, gear and exercises
             best, with a hint of friendly competition.   Day: Tuesday & Thursday (6 Sessions)  and techniques to reduce or eliminate
             This 30-minute HIIT program lets   Time: 4:00 – 5:00 p.m.            common injuries. Learn to dominate the
             participants utilize all the latest workout   Certified Personal Trainer: Thelma   infamous Spartan Race Obstacles with
             toys from Kettlebells to Free Weights and   Surber                   2x Trifecta Finisher and Certified Spartan
             from TRX Suspension Training to Battling   Fee: $96                  Obstacle Specialist, Heather Nelson.
             Ropes. Every workout is different! Let our   Location: Fitness Center   February 21-March 28
             Certified Personal Trainers work you past   Eligibility: ages 12+    Fitness Level: Intermediate to Advanced
             your plateau with this 6-week program.    Min 3 – Max 6              Day: Wednesday (6 Sessions)
             Gold or Silver Pass Plan Required.   Register by January 30          Time: 7:00 – 8:00 p.m.
             January 30 – March 8                                                 Certified Personal Trainer: Heather Nelson
             Day: Tuesday & Thursday (12 Sessions)                                Fee: $96
             Time: 6:30 – 7:00 p.m.            SPARTAN RACE PREPARATION           Location: Fitness Center
             Certified Personal Trainer: Neal Hawks  TRAINING                     Eligibility: ages 14+ (Minimum Age to Run
             Fee: $96                                                             a Spartan Race)
             Location: Fitness Center          Have you signed up for a Spartan Race,   Register by February 14
             Eligibility: ages 12+             or would you like to? Would you like to   Min 3 – Max 6
             Min 3 – Max 6                     know details on how to train and prepare
                                               for the race? We’ve got you covered!
             Register by January 23
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