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cardio/weight room

                  The Fitness Staff welcomes you to the Wytheville Community Center state of the art Fitness
                  Facility. We offer 4,000 square feet of new Nautilus ONE Machines, Precor Treadmills,
                  ellipticals, adaptive motion trainers, stairmasters, recumbent bikes and a variety of free weight
            FITNESS  EQUIPMENT ORIENTATION          area. Each participant must receive a   if your movement pattern is optimal,
                  equipment to meet your fitness goals.

                                                    regular orientation of equipment prior
                                                                                       acceptable or dysfunctional. Each test is
                  If you need help getting started or just
                                                                                       simple, effective and provides exceptional
                                                    to registering for the Advanced Youth
                  need a refresher on how to properly
                                                                                       feedback to help you become self aware,
                  use the cardio and strength equipment,
                                                                                       prioritize exercises, encourage progress
                                                    Session I: February 26 & 28
                  trained fitness staff are on duty at all
                                                                                       and achieve higher levels of fitness and
                                                    Session II: March 26 & 28
                  times to help you to meet your everyday
                                                    Session III: April 23 & 25
                  fitness goals. Children 12-17 years old
                  are required to complete an equipment
                                                                                       Session II: Thursday, February 15
                                                    Time: 4:00 - 5:30 p.m.
                  orientation before being allowed in
                                                    Fee: OL
                                                                                       Session III: Thursday, March 15
                  the fitness area. These individuals will
                                                                                       Time: 4:00 - 5:30 p.m.
                                                    Location: Fitness Center
                  receive an orange orientation card
                                                    Eligibility: ages 12+
                                                                                       Fee: OL
                  that must be present at all times in the   Day: Monday & Wednesday   Session I: Thursday, January 25
                  fitness area.                     Min 2 - Max 8                      Location: Fitness
                   • 12-13 Years Old: Cardio Equipment   Register one week prior to session  Eligibility: 12+
                    and Nautilus Machines ONLY      Late Fee: additional $5            Min 2 - Max 6
                   • 12-13 Advanced Youth Orientation:                                 Register one week prior to session
                    Must attend a two-day, Advanced
                    Youth Orientation seminar before being   FREE BODY FAT PERCENTAGE &
                    allowed to use the free weight area   BODY MASS INDEX TESTING      THE MILEAGE CHALLENGE
                    unsupervised.                   The Wytheville Community Center’s Cardio   Can you go the distance? Starting
                   • Over 18/New Members: Are required   and Weight Room will offer free Body   February 1-28, we will offer our first
                    to complete an equipment orientation   Fat Percentage Testing and Body Mass   annual Mileage Challenge using the new
                    or sign a waiver.               Index (BMI) using our Omron Bioelectrical   Precor cardiovascular equipment. The
                  Equipment orientations must be    Impedance                          challenge is designed to see who can
                  scheduled at the fitness desk a day in   Monitor. Schedule your appointment today   cover the most distance throughout the
                  advance. Call (276) 223-3527 or stop   by calling (276) 223-3527, or stop by the   month of February. The equipment eligible
                  by to schedule an appointment.    Fitness Desk.                      during this challenge will be limited to
                                                    Fee: OL                            the following: Precor Treadmill, AMT and
                                                                                       Elliptical. Participants must create and log
                  ADVANCED YOUTH ORIENTATION                                           in to a Precor account while exercising
                  The two-day Advanced Youth Orientation   FUNCTIONAL MOVEMENT         during this challenge. Prizes will be
                  allows youth 12 and older to exercise                                awarded to the top 3 mileage performers
                  in the free weight area without adult   SCREENING (FMS)              for the month of February.
                  supervision. The orientation will   The Functional Movement Screen is   Date: February 1-28
                  cover detailed instruction on proper   an objective tool that measures seven   Fee: OL
                  form, technique, spotting and safety   fundamental movements that are key to   Location: Fitness Center
                  precautions while utilizing the free weight   everyday life. The screening determines   Eligibility: ages 12+
                                                                                       Must login to Precor account to receive
                                                                                       SPORTS PERFORMANCE CAMP
                                                                                       Whether you are a serious athlete looking
                                                                                       to improve sports performance or just
                                                                                       wanting to have fun, come work along
                                                                                       Certified Strength and Conditioning
                                                                                       Specialist and USA Weightlifting Sports
                                                                                       Performance Coach Brandon Wolford
                                                                                       and staff as they take you through proper
                                                                                       sport specific dynamic warm-up, sport
                                                                                       specific training, speed and agility drills
                                                                                       and various other activities to take your
                                                                                       training to the next level.
                                                                                       Session I: Thursday, February 22
                                                                                       (Basketball Specific Training)
                                                                                       Session II: Thursday, March 22
                                                                                       (Baseball/Softball Specific Training)
                                                                                       Session II: Thursday, April 26 (Soccer
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