Page 11 - Town of Wytheville Parks & Recreation Winterl 2018 Brochure
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Location: Gymnasium                                Wednesday, April 18
        Fee: $200 per team (limit 8 players per team)      Time: Depart from the Community Center at 8:30am
        Min 6 teams- Max 12 teams                          Fee: $5 TR; $10 NRPP; $15 NR
        Register by April 14                               Eligibility: Ages 50+
        Late Fee: additional $5                            Min. 8- Max 24
                                                           Register by April 4
        MUSIC MUSEUM AND RIVERFRONT                        INTRODUCTION TO PADDLE BOARDING                         BE ACTIVE WYTHE
        RESTAURANT                                         It is time to try one of the world's fastest growing
                                                           watersports! Experienced instructors from Mountain
        Join us as we travel to Chilhowie to have lunch at the   2 Island Paddle Board company will be your guides
        Riverfront Restaurant and then head to Bristol to take   as you learn how to paddleboard in our indoor
        a tour of the Birthplace of Country Music Museum.   Natatorium. Instructors will teach you all the basics
        After the museum, we will visit the famous Blackbird   including how to find your balance on your SUP,
        Bakery in Bristol! This is a trip you won’t want to miss!   stances, how to hold the paddle, proper launching
        Please note that your lunch, ticket to the museum and   and exiting technique, how to safely fall off your
        bakery goods are separate.                         board and how to climb back on and much more.
        Thursday, March 22                                 Paddleboards included. Perfect for first timers, no
        Time: Depart from the Community Center at 10:30am  experience necessary.
        Fee: $5 TR; $10 NRPP; $15 NR                       Saturday, March 24
        Eligibility: Ages 50+                              Time: 11:00 a.m.-12:00 p.m.
        Min. 8- Max 24                                     Fee: $15 TR; $20 NRPP; $25 NR   FEE ABBREVIATIONS
        Register by March 8                                Location: Natatorium (Pool)
                                                           Eligibility: ages 18+           TR – Town Resident
        SENIOR TRIP: MILL MOUNTAIN ZOO                     Min 4 - Max 8                   NRPP – Non Resident with
                                                                                           a Gold or Silver Pass Plan
                                                           Register one week prior to session
        Join us as we travel to Roanoke to Mill Mountain Zoo.                              NR – Non Resident
        We will be spending time at the zoo from 10am-1pm
        and then loading the bus to head to Olive Garden for                               OL – Open Leisure - must
        lunch! Please note your admission to the zoo ($9) and                              have a pass plan or
                                                                                           purchase a day pass
        lunch are not included in the price.
                                                                                           FREE – open to the public  ADULT & SENIOR LEISURE

          Craft Night

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