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Page 7 - Town of Wytheville Parks & Recreation Summer 2017 Brochure
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       VT SOCCER CAMP                               SWVA RUSH SOCCER CAMP

       The Virginia Tech                             Camp Philosophy: SWVA
       Soccer staff strives to                        Rush Junior Strikers
       teach soccer skills in an                      Summer Camp provides
       instructional environment                       a unique experience for
       that is challenging                             the youngest soccer
       and fun. Players                                 players carefully
       with experience will improve their skills and their   designed to encourage
       understanding of the tactical aspects of the game.   awareness of the game ina pure-fun atmosphere. The
       Players new to the game will create a strong base of   physical skills necessary to begin playing soccer are
       good habits for their future. The session will be broken   introduced through a variety of soccer-specific agility,
       up into three segments. The first segment will include   balance, and coordination games that are time-tested
       the warm-up and a fun exercise to get the players   to be successful. The Academy Day Camp is designed
       moving. The second segment will focus on a topic such   for the next level of soccer where we will get into more
       as passing, receiving, heading, shooting, goalkeeping,   games in a 3v3, 4v4 setting.
       defending and/or attacking. The last part of the session   The staff for the camp has years of experience working   BE ACTIVE WYTHE
       will focus on the application of the topic in a live game   with these age groups in a variety of school, afterschool
       situation. All participants will receive a Camp Nike T-Shirt.  and camp programs. Campers are grouped together
       June 12 - 14                                          by age and skill level, serparate from older age
       Location: Wytheville Community College Fields          groups.
       Eligibility: ages 5 – 13; any and all skill levels     June 26 - 29
       Times: 9:00 a.m. – 12:00 p.m.                           Location: Wytheville Community College Fields
       Fee: $80 TR; $85 NRPP; $90 NR                           Eligibility: ages 3 to 14
       Min 20                                                   Times and Fees along with Registration
       Register by June 1                                       Information can be found at
       Late Fee: additional $5                         

       BRITISH SOCCER CAMP                                         GYM RULES AND REGULATIONS

       Challenger Sports' British Soccer                           •  Only non-marking tennis shoes may be worn in the
       Camp is the most popular soccer                               gymnasium. Appropriate shirts must be worn.
       camp in the country based upon one                          •  No drinks or food will be allowed in the gym.
       of the most innovative approaches to                        •  Chewing gum is prohibited in the gym.
       coaching youth soccer in the US and                         •  Threatening or indecent conduct is prohibited.
       Canada. Our experienced International
       staff study the game at all levels and                      •  Abusive, profane, threatening or indecent language
                                                                     is strictly prohibited.
       will help players improve their core                                                                       ATHELETICS
       techniques and become more confident on the ball. With programs   •  Rim hanging and net climbing will not be permitted.
       for each age, the curriculums include a variety of foot skills,   •  Alcoholic beverages, drugs or any person under the
       technical drills, tactical practices, freestyle soccer, small-sided   influence of alcohol or drugs will not be permitted
       games and coached scrimmages. World Cup style games are held   on the premises.
       each day where campers compete for their adopted country and are   •  No skateboards, roller skates, in-line skates or
       encouraged to learn about different customs and cultures, and our   skate shoes will be allowed in the gym.
       core values of respect, responsibility, integrity, sportsmanship and   •  During busy times, only half court games will be
       leadership. Most camps will include a free soccer ball, T-shirt, Poster   allowed. Games are to 15 by 1’s. Winning team
       and Certificate.                                              can only stay on the court 2 games, if players are
       July 10 - 14                                                  waiting.
       Location: Wytheville Community College Fields               •  Fighting is strictly prohibited.
       Eligibility: ages 3 to 16                                   •  All basketballs must be left in the gym and returned
       Times and Fees along with Registration Information can be     to rack when finished using.
       found at                           All scheduled programs and leagues will be honored.
                                                                   All other times not scheduled will be for open gym.
                                                                   Please see monthly schedule.
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