Page 19 - Town of Wytheville Parks & Recreation Fall 2017 Brochure
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Fee: $25 TR; $30 NRPP; $35 NR
 Late Fee: additional $5
 Min 2 - Max 6

              LEARN-TO-SWIM LEVELS                              PRIVATE SWIM LESSONS

            LEVEL 1                                           Private individual and group lessons are now

            This class is for beginner swimmers. Participants   being offered through the Wytheville Community
                                                              Center. Private lessons are open to all age groups
            learn to be comfortable in water and to enjoy the   and ability. Limited time and space is available
            water safely. Basic skills are learned which will   for these lessons. Please call 223-3378 for more   BE ACTIVE WYTHE
            set the basis for skills learned in later levels. Skills   information.
            taught include: water safety rules, entering water   Call for days and times as they vary per
            correctly, bobbing 3 times, floating (front and   instructor.
            back), front and back glides, rolling over, arm and
            leg motions, and combined strokes with support.   Rates:  Per half hour
                                                                     $10 TR; $15 NRPP; $20 NR
                                                                     Per hour
            LEVEL 2                                                  $20 TR; $25 NRPP; $30 NR
            Prerequisite: Level 1 or must be able to
            demonstrate requirements for level 1. The         Requires two-week advance registration
            objective is to give participants success with
            fundamental skills. Participants learn to float
            without support and recover to a vertical position.   FEE ABBREVIATIONS
            This level marks the beginning for true locomotion
            skills. Participants explore simultaneous and       TR – Town Resident
            alternating arm and leg actions on the front and    NRPP – Non Resident with a Gold or Silver Pass Plan
            back to lay the foundation for future strokes.      NR – Non Resident
            Skills taught include: front and back floating
            unsupported, front and back glides, combined        OL – Open Leisure - must have a pass plan or purchase
            stroke on front and back and roll from front to     a day pass
            back.                                               FREE – open to the public

            LEVEL 3                                                                                               AQUATICS
            Prerequisite: Level 2 or must be able to
            demonstrate requirements for level 2. Participants
            will learn to coordinate the front crawl and
            back crawl. Elements of the butterfly and the
            fundamentals of treading water will be introduced
            at this level. Participants will also learn rules for
            diving and begin to dive from the side of the pool.
            Skills taught include: front crawl, back crawl,
            butterfly kick, beginning diving skills and rotary

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