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Fitness Area Q & A

What are the age requirements for the Fitness Area?

Children under the age of 12 are not allowed in the Fitness Area. Participants 12-17 years old are required to complete an equipment orientation before being allowed in the Fitness Area. Over 18/New Members are required to complete an equipment orientation or sign a waiver.

Do you have anyone who can show me how to use the Fitness Equipment?

Yes, if you need help getting started or just need a refresher on how to use the cardio and strength equipment, trained Fitness Staff are on duty at all times to help you meet your everyday fitness goals.

How do I schedule a Fitness Equipment Orientation?

Simply call the Fitness Desk at (276) 223-3527 or stop by to schedule an appointment. Equipment orientations must be scheduled at the Fitness Desk a day in advance.

Can I exercise without shoes or with flip flops on?

No, closed toed athletic shoes are required at all times.

Can I exercise with blue jeans on?

No, the metal tabs on the blue jeans can tear our upholstery.

Do I have to disinfect the Fitness Equipment after each use?

Yes, we provide you with clean towels and disinfectant spray for you to wipe off the equipment when you are finished.

Do I have to re-rack my weights in the free weight area?

Yes, we ask all participants to be courteous of other members and re-rack all plates, dumbbells and cable accessories when finished.

Do you offer Personal Training?

Yes, see the Fitness Desk Staff for more information regarding pricing and trainer availability.