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Climbing Wall Q & A

Can I bring a group of 10 or more people to the climbing wall during open time?

No, we cannot accommodate groups larger than 10 during open time, we offer exclusive rentals and Party Packages for groups that are larger than 10. Please see front desk or climbing wall staff for details

I do not have socks, can I climb?

If you have your own non marking soled shoes, you may use those to climb; you must have socks to wear our climbing shoes. If you do not have socks or shoes to wear, you will be unable to climb.

Can I climb in a dress?

Only if you have pants or shorts underneath your dress will this be allowed.

My clothes are damp, can I climb?

You may not climb if your clothes are damp at all; you must be 100% dry to climb.

Can I climb in a dress?

Only if you have pants or shorts underneath your dress will this be allowed.

Can I wear my own climbing harness?

Yes you may, as long as it is deemed safe by our climbing wall staff, should there be any concern on our part, you may be asked to wear one of our provided climbing harnesses.

Can I belay my friend at the climbing wall?

You may belay if you show that you are competent in doing so, thus, following the correct belay techniques. If staff feels your belay skills are in question, you will be asked to go through a belay certification course; meanwhile trained staff will take over the belay duties.

Can I wear my own shoes to climb?

As long as they are closed toed shoes, and they have non marking soles. Flip flops, boots crocs and any other shoes deemed inappropriate by staff will not be permitted.

How old do you have to be to climb?

Any age can climb as long as they are accompanied by an adult if they are under 12 years of age.

Do you offer team building activities at your climbing wall?

Yes, we have offered these types of activities in the past; please contact our climbing wall staff to discuss these options.

What is an Auto-Belay?

An auto belay is a braking decent system device that is specifically designed for indoor climbing walls. We currently use Tru-Blue auto belay systems, which are the leading auto belays for indoor climbing. These systems offer a magnetic braking system that will lower the climber to the ground slowly.