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Free Smoke Alarms Program

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Free Smoke Alarms Program

Join the Wytheville Volunteer Fire Department Team!!

Here's how...
Stop by the Wytheville Fire Department

What are the application requirements to become a Wytheville Volunteer Firefighter?

  1. Must be at least 18 years of age and no more than 70.
  2. Must be in good health.
  3. Must live within the Wytheville Fire Department First Response District.
  4. Must have a valid Virginia Drivers' License.
  5. Must fill out the "Application for Membership".

What are the membership requirements to be a Wytheville Volunteer Firefighter?

  1. The members are bound by a duty to act reasonanly and in good faith in accordance with the citizens' best interest and to act promptly and summons additional resources.
  2. It shall be the first duty of all the members of the Department to obey all commands of their Officers while on duty.
  3. It shall be the duty of the members to be prompt at all alarms, meetings and drills.
  4. The Departments attendance policy is set at a minimum of 50% of the alarms calls, 50% of the meetings and 50% of any special events which the fire department is either hosting or participating.
  5. No member shall be excused from attending any regular or special meeting except on the grounds of absence from town, sickness or of absolute necessity

What are the training requirements to be a Wytheville Volunteer Firefighter?

  1. Members must complete Firefighter I, Hazmat Operations, through the Virginia Department of Fire Programs within the first 3 years of joining the department.
  2. Classes and equipment are free.
  3. Scheduling for classes varies.

What do we do?

  1. Fire Suppression
  2. Vehicle Extrication
  3. Public Education

You don't have to be great at everything we do...but you do have a gift that we can use!!

What are the benefits of becoming a Wytheville Volunteer Firefighter?

There is no greater job on the planet! You become part of a team, locally, regionally, and nationally, that is called upon to make a life and death difference on a moments notice. You make a difference in your hometown by protecting your family, friends, and neighbors. You become part of the Wytheville Fire Department family. Most importantly, you make a difference. Stop by and see the Recruitment Coordinator.

Listed are the steps to be followed by the Applicant, Fire Chief or designee, Director of Public Safety or designee and the Human Resources Manager of the Town of Wytheville or their designee.

  1. The application can be obtained from either the Human Resources Department at the Wytheville Town Offices, the Public Safety Administrative Offices at the Police/Fire Departments or on the Town of Wytheville website.
  2. The application and permission forms once filled out will be routed to the Volunteer Fire Department for review and interviews of the applicant. The fire officers are to make sure all forms are filled out and signed.
  3. The Fire Chief will notify the Human Resources Manager in writing when a new prospective member is proposed and route the application to the Human Resources Department of the Town of Wytheville.
  4. The Human Resources Manager will contact the physician's offices, schedule a time and place for the newly proposed member to have a physical exam and will contact the proposed member of this time and date.
  5. The Human Resources Manager will provide the necessary forms to the newly proposed member, which will be taken with them to the scheduled physical exam.
  6. If for any reason the newly proposed member is unable to make the scheduled physical exam, the member will contact the Human Resources Manager to have another appointment time and date for the physical exam scheduled.
  7. Upon completion of the physical exam finding and report from the doctor's office, the Human Resources Manager will inform the Fire Chief and the Director of Public Safety in writing of the status (capable or incapable of performing firefighter duties) of the newly proposed member.
  8. Once all the requirements for membership have been met, the Applicant shall be voted on, and election shall be by a majority of the members present at a regular meeting.