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The Town of Wytheville Planning Commission considers public hearings as scheduled on the second Thursday of each month at 6:00 p.m. in the Town Council Chambers.

Filing deadlines and other information pertaining to the Commission may be obtained by contacting the Assistant Town Manager/Director of Planning at (276) 223-3352.

Efforts will be made to provide adaptations or accommodations, based on individual needs, for qualified individuals with disabilities in any program or service offered by the Wytheville Planning Commission, provided that reasonable advance notification has been received.

Meetings of the Town of Wytheville Planning Commission are formal proceedings. All comments are recorded on tape as well as by the Town Clerk. An agenda is provided for the convenience of the public and Planning Commission. The format for each item scheduled for public hearing is as follows:

  • Petitioner's remarks
  • Questions from Commission members to petitioner
  • Staff remarks
  • Questions from Commission members to staff
  • Public comment
  • Public comment closed
  • Planning Commission discussion/motion

Each application on the agenda will be heard separately and in the order in which it appears, unless the Commission moves to change the order of the agenda. The applicant or petitioner will have an opportunity to present the request to the Commission and the public. Next, staff will give a brief report on the matter. Public comments will then be taken. Each person desiring to speak should register before the meeting and will be given an opportunity to make comments. Each speaker should approach the podium and state his or her name and address into the record. If there is a spokesperson representing a group, the spokesperson may present the views of the group and those in agreement with the spokesperson may be recognized by standing. If there are written statements or materials provided by the speaker, that material should be filed with the Town Clerk. All presentations, whether they be from the petitioner or the public, should be made from the podium or microphone.